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2017 Exhibitor Contract



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We, the owners of The Norton Shows,  are absolutely ecstatic over the commitment by U.S. Pearl Company  to The Norton Shows.
A definite undercurrent is pulsing through  the world of jewelry, evidenced by exhibitors and buyers, both, talking about and asking about pearls, all kinds, sizes, colors and shapes,  of  a renewed interest in the rare and lovely Tennessee pearls.  A  jewelry buyer phoned yesterday, wanting to know which exhibitors carry the beautiful, intricate products of nature, the Tennessee pearl.   One should note that a  purveyor of pearls can easily be a jewelry,  gift  or an apparel store.   All three businesses are very fertile ground for pearl collectors.    I have invited, over the last several  years, U.S. Pearl Company to conduct a seminar concerning pearls for years.   About twenty years past, the late, esteemed Mr. John Lantandresse conducted a  similar seminar and our buyers were so pleased, interested, involved and purchased beautiful selections of pearls.
The owners of U.S. Pearl Company, leaders in today’s pearl industry,  also feel the need, interest and excitement of collectors  wanting to know more about pearls.  As a  result,  Ms. Lisa Hooper, a very capable dynamo who represents   U.S. Pearl Company, will conduct fifteen minute seminars, Saturday, September 6, 11:00 am and 2:00 pm as well as Sunday, September 7, 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.  The seminars will include a scientific study of pearls,  namely, what are pearls, where do pearls come from, where did they originate, why we all love pearls, who are pearl aficionados, and how do we distinguish one pearl from another, considering size, quality, color, luster, origin, etc.  Of huge concern,  Ms. Hooper  will discuss freshwater Tennessee  pearls,  Why Tennessee?  What place does the Tennessee River play in the production of pearls.  What is the quality of the Tennessee pearl?  And where might we see and purchase Tennessee pearls.
My family, owners of Morton’s Antiques and Morton’s Jewelry,   have sold freshwater pearls over the years.  Both my mother, Alma Morton, and my sister, the late Joan Ward, were considered experts in this field and  often wore  jewelry set with Tennessee pearls, especially rings.  I have been consumed with the reality of pearls for a long time and have a rather large, nice collection.  However, I only have a few  Tennessee pearls, a situation I attend to remedy in September.  I’m thinking how very lovely a combination of pearls and druzies would be.  I can’t think of any better investment.  
Television gold and silver pushers constantly extol the wisdom of buying gold.  Not a bad idea.  However,  I’m always mindful that many Eastern Europeans in the World War II era sewed precious jewels into the hems of their garments,  crossing borders and escaping with their lives, not by carrying bars of gold and silver in their pockets.   A fabulous piece of jewelry can be tendered and exchanged as needed a lot easier.  And is certainly easier to be distributed as heirlooms and inheritance to one’s family.  Plus, I love to wear beautiful jewelry.  MY NAME IS WOMAN…


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