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About The Norton Family

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Gatlinburg Apparel and Jewelry Market was established in 1987 by Linda and Tom Norton. Following suit, their daughter, Nikke Norton, founded The Norton Gift and Variety Show in 1992. Eventually, the two flourishing businesses amalgamated into the Norton’s Gatlinburg Apparel, Jewelry and Gift Show which exists today. The retirement of Tom and Linda in 2016 led to owners Hunter Johnston, Nikke Norton and Denver Johnston taking the helm of a highly successful leader in our industry. The Nortons are first, second, third and fourth generation promoters with 95 years of experience in retail business and wholesale show promotions. Hunter’s and Denver’s great grandparents, Louis and Alma Morton, forged Morton Antiques and Morton’s Antique Shows, in addition to family members owning about a dozen retail shops in Gatlinburg. Linda and Tom owned five different retail venues and Linda’s parents promoted Morton’s Antiques Show at the Atlanta Gift Show in the sixties, renting an entire floor for about $200.00. We take pride in our professionalism and experience. We encourage opportunity, accompanied by positive networking and compatibility with others.

Hunter Johnston, Nikke Norton and Denver Johnston, owners of The Norton Shows wholesale trade show in Gatlinburg

As we know, wholesale ordering and cash-and-carry wholesaling feed each other and are both indispensable. Cash-and-carry wholesaling allows exhibitors to sell to retail owners who need immediate merchandise. These retail owners may not have time or the means to go to large, distant markets and place orders for merchandise which may never be shipped or arrive late. Purchasing cash-and-carry allows retailers to stock their racks and shelves first, beating their competitors “to the punch”. Purchasing cash-and-carry allows store owners, large or small, to purchase in quantities that fulfill their needs, whether it’s to test a new style or to obtain fresh, timely merchandise. The prospect of saving monies and traveling to a wholesale cash-and-carry market which can be worked within two days is very important. This saves business owners time away from their stores and prevents unnecessary expenditures.

We are benefitted not only from formal education and experience earned by aiding our parents as they weathered the storms and pleasures of business and market fluctuations, but, more importantly, from skills achieved from working within the industry, with exhibitors and with you. A joint effort from ourselves, our exhibitors and our buyers will lead to further rewards from our investments and expenditures. We’re all in this together and together we will continue to succeed.

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